The University Of Northampton kindly gave us a tour of their media facilities as well as this we were tasked with creating a 5 minute multicam peice which was designed to be aired live on TV. 
For this I created a segment called Film Fix (which annoyingly exported in rubbish quality). For this segment I researched upcoming films as well as recent releases. I then wrote a quick script with stats, and quotes to keep the peice interesting and engaing. I then presented this all to camera (with a very messy set!). Next in the edit I choose a music with a good sting and used Adobe AI to extend it making it fit the whole 1 min peice. Finally I created an intro which I felt popped out to the viewer and created a modern fun vibe to the segment. 
As well as this I presented the show with Louis. In doing so I had great experience with Autocue and also presenting while being told to look at different cameras at different times. I felt I acheived the balance well and over 7 takes my skills improved. I think the main skills I learnt were: 
- Presenting to 3 cameras 
- Presenting to a crew / audience 
- Reading off autocue without making it look like you are! 
- Juggling being told which camera to look at while talking / reading autocue
- Creating a quick snappy 1 min segment. 

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