I had lots of fun creating this project. It’s a film about how the social aspect of the high streets is dying and how small retailers are the ones keeping it alive. Furthermore, we also follow a local community group as they seek a new approach to save the high streets. I felt I tackled an important issue in this documentary and also I highlighted my need to improve my camera work! This work did receive a Distinction (equivalent to an A in a level) which was the highest grade it could receive.
Oliver Sherwood (Creative Lead) 
Rebekah Blandamer (Mrs B's Emporium) 
Marie Osbourne (Future Wolverton) 
Alfred Ballington (Alfred's Fruit & Veg) 
Theresa Wedderburn (Branch Out MK) 
The two opinionated but wonderful customers allowed me to film them! 
With Thanks To 
Anne Ward (Green Machine Refill)
Future Wolverton
MK College 
Living Archive
Platform Places 
The Guardian 
All the other customers that let me get in the way with a giant camera and an annoying microphone

As well as this I took some photos for the project which are on the page too. 
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